Wednesday, November 6, 2002

Dictatorship! Yea!!!!

Since the Repubes now control the house, senate, and presidency, who needs a democracy anymore? Hello, Repubic! /sarcasm. If you couldn't tell that, you got problems, haha.

So now faggot dumbass Bush can do anything he wants since the Repubicans now control congres...gee, talk about gun toating redneck dictatorship...pry your gun from your cold dead fingers? Sure, I will do that. I'll have to kill you first tho. :-)

To prove that repubicans really are dumb and bad for this great country, I present you with the unemployment rate:

Fine, the repubicans can have their way, but I can still make fun at them and anonymous death threats...


  1. I had no idea such ignorance still existed in America today. Go read a book.


  3. rush limbaugh is a fat fuck with no intelligence whatsoever. he is a loser.


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