Call me cupid, bitch!

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keith (10:59:53 PM): hey
keith (10:59:55 PM): if your girl told you
me (11:00:02 PM): yeah\
keith (11:00:16 PM): that if her favorite celebrity idol was in her room right at that moment, she would have sex with him. would that bug you?
me (11:00:27 PM): a little
keith (11:00:31 PM): thank you
me (11:00:33 PM): but then id sayu thje same thjiing
keith (11:00:38 PM): yea but thing is
keith (11:00:41 PM): i dont think i would
me (11:00:52 PM): yeah i knkow
me (11:00:55 PM): just say it
keith (11:00:55 PM): but maybe i should lie anyway
keith (11:00:56 PM): ok
me (11:01:06 PM): to make her know how it hurts
keith (11:01:10 PM): oh
keith (11:01:12 PM): good point!
keith (11:02:26 PM): thanks i think it worked
keith (11:02:32 PM): but i hope it doesnt start something
keith (11:04:17 PM): keith (11:04:31 PM): whats the diffrence between billy and a guy you like from school, neither would make it to your room
keith (11:04:34 PM): its the thought that counts
keith (11:04:22 PM): am i dead on right or what?
me (11:07:11 PM): lol
me (11:07:16 PM): yeah
keith (11:07:17 PM): there
keith (11:07:22 PM): now she admitted it made her feel bad
keith (11:07:33 PM): so i appologized for lying and told her i did it to prove a point
keith (11:09:35 PM): (11:08:41 PM): ok...i feel like shit now..not cuz you lied but cuz i know how you feel and its not good
keith (11:09:40 PM): your a genious my friend
me (11:09:54 PM): yeah i work in mysterious ways


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