I am disappointed. I was led to believe that this was a supernatural thriller (by the previews) and it is by far not that. Now, it's still a pretty good story. I liked it a pretty good deal, and almost immediately I thought of this film as a combo of "Stand by Me", "The Langoliers", and "Outbreak". Of course, the first two are hardly coincidences, since this is based on a book by Stephen King, but I just wish the unknown terror was not aliens, but instead, were ghosts. The movie was really intriguing right up to the point where animals were running away from the woods, and our main character's were baffled. Then it just turned into an alien/monster flick. The only other problem I have with this is the thinness of the plot. The military part / blue group whatever is almost pointless. The only area with any real depth is Duditz and the four friends. This film should have centered more around them, and especially not waste the talent of Jason Lee and Timothy Olyphant. Do I recommend this? Sure, just don't go in expecting the supernatural, it's not that deep. If you just want some cheap thrills, this definitely comes thru.


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