I am a Smart Man

During the Bush presidency, I have learned a lot. About how to act, how to treat others, damnit, I have learned a lot from that great man.

1. I have learned that violence is a moral and just solution to any problem. I will never ever try to talk myself out of any fight. Fuck it, I have a blackbelt in Hapkido, I should start using it! Don't fucking come near me! You hear me?!? I will fucking kill you.

2. I have learned that the government endorses violence against others.

3. I have learned that it's okay for one country to bomb another country, but not okay for another country to bomb another country. I should definitly use this more.

4. I have learned that if you don't like someone, just kill them.

5. I have learned that pro-war people are blind when it comes to hypocrisy. Silly me, let's get all wet over bombing some country I could care one lick about, but oh no, it's a crime against humanity if that country goes and does the same thing to Kuwait.

6. I have learned that if people disagree with me, I should call them names and boycott their products. This is what America has been about. Where the fuck have I been?

7. I have learned it is okay to kill people and that God endorses it, so why not do it all the time?

8. I have learned that Rush Limbaugh is fat and will probable die of cardiac arrest in the coming weeks.

9. I have learned that the world is a bunch of pussies who just want to get in our way of killing innocent people.

10. I have learned that rape is an okay thing to do, afterall, you get honored with an Academy Award! You women who read me better watch out, I may come and rape you. Can't you see the glowing prospect of hope in my eyes?

11. I have learned that I am one man and cannot change anything.

12. I have learned that my life means nothing to my leaders, who think I am willing to die for their stupid killing spree.

13. I have learned that if I am a fat, middleage man, who wins an award for Best Documentary, that I should not speak my mind, because that's just not right. Nobody wants to hear words from my fatass mouth. I should go back to Michigan and become an old cat lady.

14. I have learned that I must always support America's armed forces, because they were all forced into fighting. Silly me, I thought our army was made up of volunteers.

15. I have learned a lot, damnit. I should go on Jeopardy!


  1. Dude that's so on. Moreover, the US should be a role-model for other nations to follow. We're teaching those same things to other leaders of the world who are going to start using this as an excuse to build up arms and generally be violent. Like this dude Charles Taylor of Liberia: http://www.etaiwannews.com/World/2003/03/28/1048814760.htm

    Well its no wonder this is happening. Bush is no genius, and niether is your typical American. He can get up there and spout a little rhetoric about God, Freedom, and Evil, and suddenly anything is fair game. Its like the Lord of the Flies. A little bit.

  2. Oh, well then maybe it's alright for a tyrant to gas his own people. Maybe it's alright to use civilians as shields, and hoarde weapons that you really shouldn't have. It's amazing how his republican guard can threaten to use weapons that..oh wait, he said he didn't have for the past three months. Saddam should have been out of power 12 years ago, we should have finished him off in the first desert storm. But the arab countries said they could take care of Saddam, but they never did. Saddam is a man who needs to be taken out of power, and if you people can't see that, then you are all blind. Pick up a history book once in a while, you may learn a few things. And remember, Bush went to the UN to get authorization for this war. While he didn't get it, he tried. Did France go to the UN to invade the Ivory Coast....the answer is no. If you dislike the way this country is run, there is no one stopping you from leaving. You can stay here, and use the freedoms that were given to you to complain about the way this country is acting, to ensure YOUR freedoms, or you can just leave. The choice is yours.

  3. Pick up a history book? What makes you think I have not? Did I say Saddam is a good person? No, I said killing is wrong. Just because Saddam kills people, DOES NOT give Bush the right to. Two wrongs do not make a right in my country. You leave.

  4. How the fuck can you disagree with the fact that killing is wrong? How do you sleep at night?

  5. You know what? Going off and yelling at people who disagree with you and calling the names, spamming their comments (and I have seen you do this) is not the way to try to sway people, or even help them see your perspective.

    It's rather immature.

    If you want to have an intelligent conversation with people about their beliefs, which may be in opposition to yours, it's best to not start off by insulting them.

    I don't want to sway your opinion at all, but I will tell you that I am neither wholeheartedly for or wholeheartedly against this war.

    If Saddam can be removed from power in any other way than this, what do you suggest?

    Also, just because the Pope doesn't condone this war, doesn't mean that people who do are the "Anti-Christ." I hate to burst your bubble, but unless a person is a devout Catholic, the Pope is not the be-all end-all of Christianity. I have many Christian friends who are NOT Catholic, and who still manage to be excellent Christians.

    You argue so strongly that killing is wrong - but, let's say for example, that someone broke into your house, and it was a question of either kill or be killed.... is it still wrong to kill in self-defense? I'm not saying that that is what is happening with Saddam Hussein & Iraq... I'm just asking you a question.

    Does bashing and belittling people who don't agree with you make you feel better about your position, or your self? Are you that insecure in your position on the war, and your self?

    Our armed forces do consist of members who volunteered to join. That was their choice, and they made that choice for many reasons, I am sure, but one of those reasons is probably the desire to defend a land that offers its residents so much freedom, etc. However, once you are IN the service, you don't have a choice about where they send you. If the country goes to war, you don't get to say, "Okay, wait a minute, I don't want to. I'll just go over here and mind my own business. You guys go ahead and go to war. I'll wait here, and when you come back from the war, I'll just go back to business as usual, okay?"

    I can see how you feel about troops who volunteered their time, their efforts, and sometimes even their lives for ALL OF OUR freedoms and safety. And that's fine, but for me, whether I am a supporter of the war or NOT, I still support our TROOPS.

  6. I never said that killing was right. In fact, I don't believe we should kill unless it's absolutly necessary. And I believe that sometimes it is necessary. In an ideal world, there would be no killing, or death. But we don't live in an ideal world. In this world, people struggle to gain power, it's human nature. There are people out there who wish to gain power over everyone, and use means that are immoral to keep that power. While killing is immoral, it is sometime necessary to do. We've given Saddam all other choices, and he refuses. Therefore, we are using our last option. If you haven any ideas on how to get Saddam out of there, without using force, and something we haven't tried yet, by all means, tell people, get them to use them. But unless you have another idea, then don't sith there and complain, figure out some way to solve this.

  7. You know what, Rabbit, I have already given up trying to sway people, especial that retarded racist Mister Mittens (who's the only blog I have ever spammed)...so I don't care about persuading him, let alone that you think I'm immature.

    Am I against removing Saddam from power? No. He is a fucking monster. He should die. No, I'm not against the killing of "evildoers", I am against the slaughtering of innocents, and raping the beautiful land that is Earth.

    Just FYI, I am not Catholic, could care less about religion, so naturally, I don't know jack about the Pope, but c'mon, he still IS one of the most influencial persons on Earth. You have to admit that.

    Self-defense? Depends on the case, if it can truly be resolved without killing, then killing is wrong. Ask any police officer and s/he will tell you that YOU DO NOT have a right to kill any intruder of your home under ALL CIRCUMSTANCES. Always case by case basis.

    I am not insecure at all. Nope, but bashing the racist Mister Mittens did make me feel good. If killing is right in any way, shape, or form, racists are the one's to deserve that.

    Our Armed forces do have a choice. They are not programmed robots, they can flatout quit. It's called "Dishonorable Discharge".

    Okay, Brad M. Bravo, the world isn't ideal. You just realized that? Human nature is not an excuse to kill. If it was, we'd all be no better than a wild boar or some other wild animal. We are the smartest beings on the planet for a reason: OUR BRAINS! The easy way out is to kill!

    Another idea...like I have said all along, send in a few secret agents/spies to kill Saddam, this saves the land from being raped, and innocents from being slaughtered. You couldn't think of this?

  8. To the moron who's trying to lecture me on history...you're truly hysterical. I bet you go around eating "freedom fries" too...I'll have you know that the French have been, and will continue to be our strongest ally. Who cares what the ignorant freedom fry eatin shits think.

  9. Just why the fuck should I care one fucking bit about our freedoms when this supposedly great nation does not even care one bit about my health. How many people are uninsured in this country? 40 million? All because private health companies have engaged in price-fixing and "priced-out" millions of honest, hard working Americans from quality health coverage.

    not to stray to far from the topic of this entry, but c'mon, health care oughta be a fucking RIGHT given to us by the government. It should be a fucking perk for being a fucking citizen.

  10. Bozzy, I'm not saying that you are immature. I'm suggesting that maybe there might have been a time where you could have had a civil conversation, OR acted in a way that was more mature.

    There've been times where you've made points that I've agreed with. Really.

    And, I didn't come here to bozzy-bash. :)

    As a citizen of the US who is ALSO completely without health insurance, well over $100,000 in debt to the hospital, I agree with you about how much it sucks that there are so many without insurance in the US. BUT, isn't it a bit much to say that you don't care one bit about the freedoms afforded to you by virtue of being a US citizen because of that?

    For example, as a US citizen, you have the right to Freedom of Speech (and, uhm, probably at least in a few places around the globe, disagreeing with your government's policies in a public manner such as a website would be a big no-no).

    I'm not saying that there aren't other places on the planet where you can speak your mind as you see fit, how you see fit, where you see fit - just I guess, a little something.

    Which, again, I'm not trying to sway your opinion.

    As far as Mister Mittens, I can't say that I keep up with that blog all too frequently, though I've been there a time or two, but as of yet, I don't see where you came by the notion that Mister Mittens is racist. I'm not really arguing that point, just saying, you know, I don't see it as of now.

    Also, yes, you can quit the military. I'm familiar with the concept of "Dishonorable Discharge." My uncle was dishonorably discharged from the Navy. It wasn't something he enjoyed. It wasn't something he was proud of. It left him with a certain stigma that he never really got rid of. It also meant, for him, that basically some of the major reasons he enlisted (money for school, amongst other things) were completely left in the dust.

    I won't argue that GWB has his own agenda, and his own reasons for this war that have nothing to do with the war itself. I'm not even saying that I agree with the war. I'm just saying that, sometimes, there are ways to promote your ideas and strive to share your opinions with people that aren't inflammatory or rude.

    I admire that you have firm convictions. I just think that there are times when a person's convictions are better served by them calmly, rationally, thoughtfully, and carefully expressing those convictions.

    As to the thing with the Pope, I wasn't really assuming that you're Catholic. Really just pointing out that the fact that the Pope doesn't condone the war isn't really going to have any impact on a lot of people.

    At any rate, I am not posting to argue with you - and certainly not here to defend people that I don't really know all that well - however, yes, it was the comments at Mister Mittens that first brought me here. And, all I can say, is that as one that has no real opinion one way or the other on Mister Mittens, that yes, I came here with the feeling that you must not really want people to even TRY to see your point of view, that you just wanted to be nasty and provocative.

    - That's just the initial impression that those posts in MM's comments gave me. That might be the initial impression that you're leaving a lot of people with, bozzy. Esp. people who stumble on YOUR site through MM's comments. At any rate, I came here really kind of hoping that I was wrong. Maybe I was. Maybe not. I don't really know yet. What I do know, is that many people won't listen at all to someone that they feel is just trying to provoke them. So, yes, there again with the suggestion that maybe that's not the way to get people to really HEAR what you're saying.

  11. Maybe racist isn't the right word...I'm not really sure what to call it, but I am sick and tired of all the french bashing that man does on his blog. Yes, that is his blog, and he is entitled to do what he wants, just as I am here, but c'mon, ridiculing an entire nationality because they disagree with you is just wrong. Maybe he will see that now, since I pretty much did the same thing to him. Maybe not. I hope it made him think about it, at least.

    Maybe saying ALL FREEDOMS mean jack because of the poor health care situation was a poor choice of words, but it's just ridiculous how the wealthiest nation in the world (altho the one with the most debt) has to be like that. The Clintons tried to standardize health care, but they kept getting shot down.

    Yes, I know Clinton bombed Iraq, I didn't approve...well I was only 18 at the time, and really didn't have an interest in politics, but now, after a few elections of being able to vote, under my belt, the interest is there.

    Looks like MM deleted those comments...they were really only meant for him, I didn't think about giving the wrong impression to other people, I wanted him to realize that how he was treating the french was wrong, so I tried my best to do the same to him to make him understand. Again, it probably didn't do anything.

  12. followed your link from flockmeals blog over here. your site explains a lot. i don't think i've ever read a more naive, mis-informed, pile of crap than this blog. please do the world a favor and don't re-produce.

  13. fuck you, you god damn pedophile.


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