Sunday, March 23, 2003

My hero!

michael moore called Bush a "ficitious president" on LIVE television! Michael, you kick major ass, way to go! :-)

The people who booed him are just hollywood pretty faces who don't follow ONE LICK of what real people go thru, so FUCK THEM.

Too bad America is founded on censorship, because I doubt zoe will be able to see it, as it will no doubt be cut out by bush's cronies.

Bush is a ficitious president and Donny Rumsfeld is a fucking joke. He didn't even know about the ambush til he was told on face the nation this morning. That is inexusable, he shouldn't be relying on the news. This is a fucking embarrassment. I believe jason said it best, "There are planes and helipcopters crashing into each other, the news media keeps accidentally giving away a little too much information...great job Bush. You've lost lives in your careless, jingoistic war."

I am disgusted...yet overjoyed...GO MICHAEL MOORE! Props on the Oscar win!


  1. "The people who booed him are just hollywood pretty faces who don't follow ONE LICK of what real people go thru, so FUCK THEM."

    ... and I'm sure people who pursue careers in the film industry understand what "real" people go through. Right? More than the men and women who couldn't care less about the war because they are busy trying to support their families. Yah, i'm sure you understand everything "real" people go through.

  2. rofl... I lived with cockroaches until my first break in the movie industry. Now I drive my Porsche all around Hollywood.

  3. realist...I am more "in touch" and understand "real" people more than those rich pretty faces do who get upset whenever a lowly production assistant makes eye contact with them. yeah, they sure no what "real" people go ass.

  4. Do you think it's true, about the accusations against Michael Moore's "Bowling for Columbine"? They are saying it's total fabrication and falsifying of facts.. Look at the title, it was posted somewhere online that the boy had in fact skipped his bowling class..I dunno. Something sounds fishy. If Michael Moore's tellin' the truth, then the nation should take a long look at Charlton Heston....


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