Sunday, March 23, 2003

Stop Whining

I find it pretty ironic how just last week the US was all gung ho about going to war, and now with the notion of american boys being executed (may they rest in peace), they start bitching about not being fair. Fuck you Rumsfeld. It's not fair how Bush "won" the presidency, it's not fair to go after somebody's leader on the first strike (tho I am glad we did, saddam should be killed, just wish we didn't have to have a war to do it). A lot of things aren't fucking fair. War isn't fair. War is hell. Why do all these pro-war people think that other countries can't fight back or play dirty like we do? It's war. It's survival of the fittest. If playing hardball is needed to survive an attack from a superpower, then sobeit. I mean, I'm not on Iraq's side here, but it's just funny how the US starts whining and bitching about things not going their way. Anybody agree?


  1. I dont think its a matter of not being 'fair' rather than its against the Geneva convention and all international agreements of war. But this is Saddam we are talking about, he doesnt play by anyones rules but his so I am not suprised. I think by him doing what he did and publicizing it like he did he just made matters far worse for himself.

  2. Yeah, I know there's the whole Geneva convention, but that in itself is kinda odd, how can there be rules to make war "nice". Saddam has his back in a corner, so of course he's not gonna be nice. Never corner a lion and especially never tease a cornered lion.

    War is survival of the fittest, so I think it's kinda ignorant to complain about things being fair. Suck it up, and march on.

  3. It is funny how the anti-war folks complain about how the U.S. is acting unilateral towards Iraq but when they cite materials that were designed in a multilateral environment (Geneva Convention) they are still looked at in animosity. Face it if Gore had won and it was him going forth against Saddam it would be the antiwar protesters applauding Gore for actually having a pair of nads and standing up against what the United Nations did not want. So much of these antiwar protesters arenít really protesting the war but they are really protesting Bush.

    ìNo Blood for Oilî
    Yeah we go over there for Oil. That is why we did not assist the Iraqi rebellion against Saddam after the conclusion of the Gulf War (Golf War rofl).

    ìWe have not been proven that Iraq posses WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction)î
    Yeah here they are!!! We told you they were there!!! Now we just have to track them because Saddam is now trying to move them into another location. What a great position to put us in. I am sure that we will find WMD after Iraqi Freedom.

    ìInnocent people will dieî
    Innocent people will die in all aspects of war. Those innocent people will be Americans if we do not act. But it would be half the city of New York. Ok maybe just 4 City blocks or Time Square during the New Yearís celebration of 2003. But innocent people will die even if we go to war. Innocent Iraqi civilians will die. Innocent Iraqi soldiers that are forced into Saddamís army and are killed if they desert will die. Innocent Coalition soldiers that are following the orders of the Country they volunteered to protect and serve will die. They have paid the price of that freedom in the past. They paid the price of the freedom that you and I have today. They also will pay that price for this and other countries freedom in the future. Innocent people also die when there is no war.

    "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure." * Thomas Jefferson

    It is easy to tell those to suck it up and march on when you sit in the luxury of your own home.

    While working at a soup kitchen yesterday I thought about the way I thought as a child. I once thought it strange seeing people do hunger relief in other countries when we have such a need for hunger relief in our country. I thought help the people in our country before going to help those in other countries. It was such selfish thinking. I would imagine that if all the people that complain, about people that go to other countries, would stand up and do something in their own country the world would be a better place.

  4. "So much of these antiwar protesters arenít really protesting the war but they are really protesting Bush."
    Bravo, that's really intelligent of you. How many of these "pro-war" people were against the bombing of Iraq in 1998? And this would be because of Clinton I presume...I don't even like Al Gore, I voted for him because it was either Bush or Nader, and that's really Bush. Isn't it funny how the so called "peacniks" mostly supported Bush by voting for Nader? LOL

    ìInnocent people will dieî
    Yeah, that's why I don't want no whining and bitching when it happens.

  5. I do not know how many were against the bombing of Iraq. I know Tom Daschle was for it in 1998 and basically used the same reasons that Bush is using to go to war but Tom is definitely against war with Iraq now.

    What I don't think is funny is that our armed forces are fighting for the safety and freedom of the war protesters. I just hope they (the armed forces) can look at the protesters and look at them and be proud. I hope they can say THAT (The freedom to protest) is for which we are fighting. I do not agree with the protest but I can look at it and say at least we have that freedom.

    I am not whining and bitching about people dying in the war. You don't see us showing dead Iraqi soldiers on our national news broadcasts. I have a cousin that is in the Army. I know that it is possible he could either be killed trying to capture Baghdad or he could be killed while occupying it during the restoration efforts. I have fear for him. I have fear for his father and sisters. For me the war is real. It is a place where I might loose a cousin. But I am proud of him. I believe in his mission.

  6. Tom Daschel doesn't know how to think, he's been in politics too long I guess. He's too partisan. He was only for the bombing of Iraq in 98 because of Clinton, and is only against the war because of Bush. Who knows what this man really thinks.

    I would love to see a democratic ticket of John Kerry/ John Edwards. Specifically the latter, because he's young.

    "You don't see us showing dead Iraqi soldiers on our national news broadcasts."

    True, but maybe the way to get thru to them is to fight fire with fire. But then again, we don't mistreat our POWs.

    I hope your cousin comes back in one peice.

  7. If I wasnít a typical American and awash with debt I would love to somehow be involved with the humanitarian effort towards the Iraqi people after the war. I would love to see the anti war protesters volunteer for that effort too. They might be able to see part of the reason we are fighting this war.

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  10. just to remind you folks, that during the Nuremberg trial, an international law was voted describing any preventive war as a crime against humanity. I think the war on Iraq is a perfect example of a preventive war, taking for granted that american lives would be lost if the war wouldnt take place. Whereas not any clear connection between Al Quaeda and S. Hussein's Baath party has been established, nor any substantial proof that Iraq has WMDs. On the other hand, a war that is not voted by the UN is a violation of international law and treaties and it doesnt matter how much you moan about the UN cowardice, its still an illegal war. Lastly, to be honest, this war was done for oil and for the crumbling US economy- the rest is just propaganda.
    I believe that this war-far from being over- will be the shame of the American history, just as Hitler was the shame of German history.
    God forgive America