Stupidity Personified

I saw this converstation via wil, it captures the lunacy of the pro-war crowd to a T.

screw flanders


  1. Um. Is that an actual conversation? Or just something written by one of dem peaceniks?

  2. Oh, but the thing about the Canadian winning the Ebay bid. That sucks ass. And should be illegal. Bastard crazy. If you believe something that's fine, but why punish someone (who isn't doing anything!!) for something so lame as not siding with you? Crikey. People are nuts!

  3. Hey Rach! I dunno, I think the convo is real...and yeah, ebay merchant should be penalized. That's just un-american and wrong.

  4. What a bunch of garbage. The anti-Iraq-war crowd will never be satisfied. No matter what happens they will give some excuse or contradictory argument.

    ìSee we found biological and chemical weapons!î

    Their reply:
    ìYeah whatever! You know that President Bush planted the weapons himself!!î

    What a joke.

  5. I do however think that not shipping to someone in Canada is a moronic decision.

    Not all Canadians are against the war.

  6. the lunacy?? are you calling me crazy? lol i've been called worse

    just wanted to chime in on something i read earlier somewhere where you wrote that we should stop "whining" about the way that american and british pow's are being treated. *ahem* i think it's called "outrage".. there's a big difference

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