This disgusts me

NBC, MSNBC fire Peter Arnett And no, not because he was fired. It appauls me how a person could show that much lack of judgment. Look, I'm against this war too, Mr. Arnett, but I don't think a free-press reporter should be doing business with a news organization that is anything but free. And what pisses me off more is that Geraldo "I once took fat from my ass and put in my face" Rivera drew a line in the sand exposing our troop movements. Where the fuck is the common sense?

However, some jackass on MSNBC made a general statement about these events saying that "liberals are undermining America, the war, and our troops"...Excuuuse me, how can you say that? I consider myself a liberal, but have I exposed our troop movements, risking their lives? I didn't think so! I don't think a person has to support our troops or the war to be angry at these two reporters. I can speak my mind about our troops and the war all I want, but their lives are still important to me. Yes, I think they shouldn't get "support" as they are volunteers and totally aware of the risks, but c'mon, I wouldn't wish them harm, or certainly draw a line in the sand! Arnett's been fired, so should Geraldo.


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