I went into this movie not knowing much about it. I knew it was based on a book, a book that I have never heard of, yet alone read. So, I watched it like it was an original movie...and guess what? It's pretty damn original. In fact, there aren't many bad things I can say about it.

"Holes" begins with Stanley Yelnats IV (played by newcomer Shia LaBeouf) walking home, then out of the blue something hits him, and the next thing he knows he's in the middle of nowhere, which we later learn to be a Texas juvenile deliquent camp. From the moment Stanley gets there he know's something isn't right. The guards are abusive and make them dig holes each and every day to "build character". Stanley is told that if he finds something while digging that he can get the rest of the day off if he shows it to the guard. Everybody thinks it's just some ploy to keep them digging, but it becomes obvious that they are part of some grand plan.

Again, I didn't know much about this prior to, but I quickly recognized Tim Blake Nelson and Henry Wrinkler (I mean, who wouldn't recognize the Fonz?) However, by the end credits, I was amazed at how star studded this is. For starters, I totally did not recognize Sigourney Weaver or Jon Voight! There's a small cameo role by Eartha Kitt, I hate to call it a cameo, because it is essential to the plot, but it is small nevertheless. But the shocker for me didn't stop there, the great Patricia Arquette is in this too! How did I not recognize her?!? The rest of the cast is mostly unknown child actors, but they do a great job and don't mess up any of their lines at all. Well acted all around.

Here's the real shocker: Andrew Davis. This guy is known for directing great action movies like "Under Seige" and "Above the Law", but folks, "A Perfect Murder" was no fluke, because he does have an eye for a great character-driven film. Him being a cinematographer didn't hurt either. The shots of the dry, hot desert are gorgeous.

Technically, this film gets no qualms from me. It's very well paced and you never get pulled out of the picture. Parden the cliche, but it pulls you in and won't let go. The music is almost un-noticable (which you want, you don't want to get people to focus on the music), except for "Honey" by Moby, but that wasn't that bad a choice.

This is a movie for kids, parents, and non-parents alike. It's PG, but it's really close to being G, I guess it was the borderline child abuse of the deliquent camp, that bothered the MPAA. Kids may not understand that aspect, so parental guidance is suggested.

Translation: The first great movie of 2003, and definitly the most original one so far. All around great film.


  1. That was the best book, I haven't seen the movie yet, but I am definitely planning on seeing it while it's still in the theaters.

  2. Holes is an awesome book and a great movie.But I do wonder why I am only the second person to comment on this message board and why the date
    it posts is wrong. Anyway Holes is good.


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