I was cleaning my keyboard today and how the hell did I get pubes in it? Okay, I have a pretty good guess, but it doesn't make sense. I don't put the keyboard on my cock or, am I giving out tmi? fuck you, I'm confused. Pubes shouldn't be under the keys!

what's more intriguing is they don't look like mine, but I'm the only one who uses my mac...

damnit, my mac needs a chastity belt. I can't leave it alone anymore.


  1. TMI Maybe you need the chasity belt...hahahahha

  2. HAHA, only you would blog about something like that.

  3. Well... maybe they are from your armpits?

    I don't know.. i found pubes in my keyboard too.. and i don't sit on it or something..

    My guess is armpits.


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