Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Under a rock?

Am I the only person who has yet to even watch American Idol? It seems that every blog I read always has something about American I just have to ask. God, that show is so stupid. Why would I want to listen to a bunch of untalented assclowns raping great songs? That show sucks. I'm not spending my free time glued to those untalented ass clowns. Maybe the person who wins at the end is semi-talented, but that's it. The show is garbage.


  1. Nope.
    I don't watch that dumbass show. I mean, the reject tapes were hilarious, but I won't waste my evenings watching that crap.
    It's crap!

  2. I don't watch it either. I hate pop music.

  3. Although I don't watch American Idol, is not so bad. It is the other ones that annoy me; Mr. Personality, Joe Millionair, The Bachelor, etc... You know there is a reality show network is being planned for 2004!

  4. OMFG! A whole network? Ugg...

    I only like Fear Factor...and this new show on Sci-Fi called "scare tactics".

  5. I'm addicted to reality TV. It's a damn good thing I don't have cable. *sigh*