Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Jim Rome is a moron.

I saw part of his show last night, and at the end he started going off on skaters. No, I don't skate, and I don't smoke the wacky weed, but for him to say that all skater's live in their parent's basement and play video games all day is simply wrong. Here's a hint, Jim: Never use the words 'all' or 'never' or 'none' in a generalized statement. It will always be false and you will always come off looking like an uneducated, elitist ass...unless of course that is your intention. And to say that all skater's know no stress is also WRONG.


  1. never say never...

    "That is why you NEVER see liberals complaining about high taxes." *tsk tsk*

  2. He was just making a generalization, we all do it. They're in magazines and newspapers everyday.

  3. right, most people do it at some time or other... i've often thought that there is a little bit of truth in many generalizations. however, that doesn't mean that they apply to everyone in a defined group.

    anyhoo, i think jim rome is kinda hot.

  4. Okay okay, we all make mistakes...I was wrong...but still, he totally used it to diss a whole bunch of people...

  5. Jim Rome gives me a headache... ugh...

  6. Jim Rome is and always has been an idiot. He's one of those guys who can't play, so he sits and talks shit about people who can. Another guy getting paid to talk out his ass.

  7. While Jim Rome posseses a certain sophomoric appeal, I will always have the mental image of him being decked by Jim Everett. And, Jim, please do something about those so over semi-vagnial chin whiskers.


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