28 days later

Oh yeah, I saw this today. What's the big deal with this movie? It's made out to be some big scary movie but it is hardly scary at all. It just has a lot of gore and violence. I didn't like it. Lemme count the ways. 1. it was grainy, like it came out of my sony handycam. 2. whatever happened to that thing called plot? this movie didn't really have a plot, besides the epidemic one. There's a lot of questions left unanswered. 3. it's fucking grainy!!!

And consider yourself warned (wish I was warned), there's full frontal male nudity. And I'm not talking about a quick shot of it, it's like right there, in the middle of the screen. Not to be uptight, hey the human body is a great thing, but is that really necessary? Why weren't any of the females given a full frontal shot? Women will never be equal in the entertainment industry.


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