The Poseidon Adventure

Last night was very eventful, to say the least. I left the house at like 10:30pm to go pick up Jenna who was at Stacey's house in around Gaithersburg, MD. I had never driven in that area before, so I brought along directions from Yahoo! Maps. Yahoo! Maps is like that guy you see on the side of the road and ask for directions, he doesn't know, but he tries anyway. Yahoo had the street names all messed up; Route 29 is not called Columbia Pike and Olney Lancaster Rd is actually known as Route 108 to the rest of the world. Why did Yahoo use different names for those streets? Who knows...but I should have suspected trouble when the directions asked me to do a u-turn to find another street...which the sign for that street (which you see before the u-turn) was pointing at a driveway to a church or something, not the actual street. I had to circle the area like 4 times to find the street, Bowie Mill Rd.

That was the only trouble I had, I was about half way there, and I thought I would make up for the time lost. Not so. Enter the thunderstorm. With blinding rain and lots of lighting. You think lightening would have helped me see in the dark, but it doesn't. Every time the flashes stopped, it was pitch black and I couldn't tell where I was. Yeah, it was pitch black because while I was on Bowie Mill Road, the power went out. It was freaky. It got incredibily dark and I thought one of the powerlines was gonna fall down on me. That didn't happen, but it could have. It could have.

I then found the next road, after driving back and forth on Bowie Mill Rd for an eternity, because I couldn't make out any road signs, it was so stormy, I found the next road, Muncaster Mill Rd. Repeat what happened to me on Bowie Mill Rd. Luckily the rain lightened up and I eventually made it to Shadey Grove Rd and from there I was at Stacey's house. The next big hurdle was reversing the directions and going home, but that would just be repeating almost the same process I just told you, so I won't talk about that. Except that I had realized on the way home that Olney Lancaster Rd is really Route 108 and I could just take that road back to Route 32 then 29, then home. Much better than the stupid directions Yahoo gave me. Don't ever use Yahoo Maps.

And oh yeah, I did not get into any accidents or get pulled over by any cops. I thought about beeping my car horn when I the sign to Bowie Mill pointed at a private residence, to attract cops, but changed my mind. I just used my cell to call my friend's friend to get better directions.

Don't ever use Yahoo! Maps.


    I have gotten lost sooo many times because of them. I need to find new map service.

  2. Aren't mapquest and yahoo maps the same service? I mean, doesn't Yahoo just use the map quest data?

  3. yahoo only uses the maps from mapquest I believe. You can always get AAA they have good directions and more accurite

  4. yahoo does the same thing here... the street is named State St. but yahoo calls it Highway 44 even though it doesn't turn into hwy 44 until after another street it does that... Eagle rd. becomes hwy 55... anyway... long story short... yahoo is just stupid.


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