Recalling elections? That's so 2000.

The republicans are a bunch of whining crybabies when it comes to elections. Hey morons, the people of California voted for Gray Davis to be their leader, there's no do-overs!

I mean, if there was some fraudelant voting going on like 2000 jews voting for pat buchanon or a hanging chad, then contest the election all you want, but face the facts: Gray Davis was elected and deserves to finish his term in office. He's not a Ford vehicle. And if by some chance, Davis is recalled, then we should recall Bush. Hey, the republicans are setting a nice precedant here.

Republicians are such cry babies...for the love of allah, GET OVER IT!!!!!


  1. Your a little young to be a grumpy old man, stop acting like it.

  2. I'm just being grumpy and a man, where did you get old? Do I look old? I haven't been getting as much beauty sleep as I would have liked know

  3. I'm torn on this myself. In this case, Davis, unlike Bush, actually won and deserves the job. But the law says X% (10?) signed this piece of paper, so he has to run for his job again. It seems he may be up against Arnold and Larry Flint. (Pinch me, I'm dreaming)

    I'm all in favour of the recall concept. I like the idea of keeping these motherfuckers on their toes. Too often, elected politicians turn out to be something very different from what they were advertised as. (ie "I'm not a Nation Builder") They flip flop on shit, get bought off and propose things like the RIAA's latest bill, or give themselves 25% pay raises. Or they just turn out to be really shitty.

    Remember, these fuckers work for us, we shouldn't have to wait 3-4 years to fire their asses. I think being able to cut their stay short keeps them honest. (Ok, less dishonest.) Besides, they can always win their job back.

    But 10% is not enough for a recall. Is that 10% of eligible voters or 10% of the 50% that acually got off their fat, fucking asses and voted? If you didn't vote, you shouldn't get to recall anybody. It should be at least 20% of those that voted.

    I do have one major problem with recall. It encourages further growth of the vermin class (pro politicos) and the phenominum known as the never-ending campaign. Politicians devote too much effort to building their re-election warchests. It compromises them so much, even they don't really like it.

    Recalls create jobs for spinmeisters. If you're a jobless Republican spinmeister, form a committee to take out a sitting Democrat anywhere in the US where recalls exist. If it works, it will fit very nicely on you're resume.

    Here's my simple idea. Hook the term length to election results. If you don't win 50% (or higher) of the votes, too bad sucker! You get half a term. No expensive, pain in the ass recall battles. Yet, if he doesn't prove himself in office, he's still gonzo.

    Because the winner has to get 50% (or higher) to get the full term, every vote counts for something. It could also give 3rd parties a chance. Many folks want to vote Green or Reform or whatever, but are afraid to because it might cause the wrong party to win. My plan offers a bit of insurance for such voters. Sure the wrong guy might win, but with less than he needs for the full term. So you voted for who you wanted and you still only have to live with the other guy for half a term.

    Just an idea.


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