Friday, November 28, 2003

Bad Santa

Warning, this is not a Christmas movie, and don't take somebody under 10 years old to see this. Don't be retarded.

"Bad Santa" is a heist movie, from the director of "Ghost World" and some not very good writers and the Coen Brothers, with a Christmas backdrop. Again, this ain't no "Jingle all the way" or "Elf". I think with a title with the word "Bad" in it, would make this fact obvious, but you never know these days.

Billy Bob Thornton and Tony Cox play a Santa and Elf con team. They've been working at Malls for the past seven years, and then robbing them blind every Christmas eve. They change cities and names each time. They haven't been caught. They are "in the zone", they are "at the top of their game", they are "I think you get the picture".

Other notable actors include the late John Ritter, and Bernie Mac. It's sad that this is the last role for John Ritter, because he and Bernie have some great chemistry and they're just hilarious together. Lauren Graham plays the Bad Santa's love interest, or fuck buddy, and Ajay Naidu plays, and I am not making this up, "Hindustani Troublemaker". Yes, this movie is full of DARK HUMOR.

I found myself laughing almost non-stop, and considering I had just eaten Thanksgiving dinner beforehand, well, it was painful. But it's the kind of pain you like, sorta. So if you do not like to laugh your ass off, then steer clear of this movie.

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