Easier Said Than Done

Today was fun. Today was the day I would hang out with Kevin while he was in Baltimore for some school thing. Except I couldn't find the Waterfront Marriot hotel at first; where they were staying, but eventually I did, but then I had to track down kevin, and that proved to be easier said than done, hence the title.

I had no problem finding the inner harbor, I go down there all the time, however, I have never been to the hotel he was at, so I had directions from mapquest from the inner harbor to the hotel. I found the mariott, tried to find parking for god knows how long, walked around to see if I could find him, but I never did. I just decided to go back, maybe he'll call me (hint hint if you are reading this but you probably arent) and tell me where he's gonna be tomorrow.

On a funny note, while I never found Kevin, I did drive past one of the red light districts, it was around Baltimore St. I think. That's something Columbia should have, haha.

update 11/22/03 3:41pm I just got back from trying it again, but I still didn't see him...he's probably off doing one of the tourists things in baltimore, I bet. oh and right by the hotel, there's this construction sign or something that says "bozzuto", how sweet of them to think of me.

update 11/23/03 12:31am I just got back from seeing "Gothica", I was in the movies from 10:20 to about 12:10 or something, and somtime around 11 my leg started vibrating. I didn't look, but I knew who it was.

Yes, sure enough, it was Kevin. I just listened to three hilarious voice mails. I have to get them on my computer as an mp3 or something, you all HAVE to listen, it's the funniest shit ever. So anyway Kevin, sorry for not answering, but I was "indisposed" or whatever you want to call it, but I appreciate that you cared enough to give me vibrating pleasure. o_O

yet another update--just minutes after the last, you do the math
Why is he using a calling card? How the hell do I call him back? Kevin, you need a cell phone. I went down to the marriot twice, I would have found you if I could have called to tell you I was there. Anyway, glad to hear from you, and those messages are great. Roast beef.

Sigh, so tired, it's 2:14am Kevin hasn't called back...I think he's asleep...but I did encode his message as an mp3...I must say, the encoder did not do his voice justice (he doesn't always sound like a chipmunk). I am too tired to figure out what's wrong, so just enjoy Chipmunk Kevin. Right click on the download arrow thing or else you will get a not found error page and i will laugh at you.

Btw, Kevin, Gothica was fuckin scary. Call me again, just so my leg vibrates. *rawr* Yeah, that was dumb.


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