Thursday, November 27, 2003

'Happy' Thanksgiving.

Not like I'm trying to be scrooge, but have you seen Google's Thanksgiving logo? They have the turkey all happy and shit. That is such bullshit. Why the fuck is the turkey happy? It's the one being eaten!

Look, I'm not some PETA freak, in fact, I think we should all kill PETA freaks and cook their flesh, package it up, and send it to some starving tribe in Africa. But come on, what kind of sick fucks dress up their dinner and parade it around all the while forcing it to be happy? Just eat it, don't make it do stuff for you. Come on. It's a turkey folks, it's not happy, it's food. I just love it how Google and thousands of other entities focus on 'making the turkey happy', instead of the more--human--aspects: pilgrims and American Indians.

Have a happy thanksgiving, y'all.


  1. Yeah, the turkey should be decapitated and stuff...much more appetizing.

  2. Today is all about the turkey. Turkey is all that matters today. Really it is.


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