Ever wanted to go see a snuff film? Well, step right up, because now's your chance! "Saw" is about a serial killer by the moniker "Jigsaw", because he doesn't actually kill anybody, he finds a way for his victims to kill themselves. For example, he'll put a guy in the center of razor wire, and tell him to tunnel his way out...or he'll strap a bear trap on a girl's face and put a lock on it, so she can't excape, unless she digs through her fiance's guts for the key...the end result is always the same: there's a lot of gore.

Anyway, "Saw" should keep you on the edge of your seats, and that's a huge understatement. It's intense, so intense that the word intense doesn't describe it. What word describes it? How about HOLYFUCKINGSHITLOOKATTHATFUCKAHHHHHHHHHHH? That works, I think. And it never stops. There is little comic relief in the film, and that little is basically at the end when Cary Elwes overacts.

Should you take the kiddies? Yes, by all means! It's a great family film!* It teaches children about murder, torture, and Danny Glover! They'll have something to talk about in school.

* Film is extremely violent, will cause nightmares and scar child for life.


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