Blade: Trinity and Ocean's 12

This is a pretty decent sequel, but the plot is kind of suspect. And didn't Kris Kristopherson die in Blade II? I'm pretty sure he did, yet he is definitly alive in Blade: Trinity. Did we use an entire different set a writers, writers who did not see the last Blade? What's going on here!!! Anyway, Wesley Snipes is awesome, the action is awesome, Ryan Reynolds is funny as hell, and Jessica Biel, is hot as shit. Maybe I should have said Ryan Reynolds is funny as shit and Jessica Biel is hot as hell... well catch this on HBO or DVD.

Aside from being a little on the long side, this is a very well done sequel. It kept me guessing the whole way through, not to mention it was sold out for a MIDNIGHT (12:10am) SHOW! There's one thing that prevents this from being a great movie, and that envolves Julia Roberts. I will not say what, because it'll spoil it for those who have not had the priviledge of seeing this movie yet. In other words, this movie is just what I expected it to be. See it on the big screen, or wait for DVD and HBO.

The next movie I am seeing is THE LIFE AQUATIC. If any of you know of any early premieres in the Maryland area, please inform me. I really cannot wait til Christmas day.


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