What's all the ruckus about?

Randy Moss is likely to be fined for "pretend mooning"!

Yes, you read that correctly. PRETEND MOONING.

Let's break it down. Pretend means "to give false appearance of", "false" is a key word here. "Mooning" is slang for baring your buttocks ass. So Randy Moss gave a false appearance of his ass.

I guess it just goes to show that society is deathly afraid of black people that they don't even want to tolerate the suggestion of a black man's naked ass.


Look, Randy Moss may do stupid shit like leave the field early, but being punished for taking your clothes off WHEN YOU DID NOT TAKE YOUR CLOTHES OFF is fucking absurd.

Society hates black people, they don't want to even have the thought of seeing their naked asses.

Btw, I used the word ruckus.


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