Note to Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney, do not even think about revealing your titty during the halftime show.

You think that people were shocked and awed at Janet's titty, what do you think will be the outcry if you expose one of your man boobs? It'll be a hard day's night, indeed. You can hey jude me all you want, it's the truth. And nobody will want to hold your hand or climb aboard your yellow submarine as they were appauled by Janet's titty coming out to say hello last year. They all but crucified her on a cross, do you think being a walrus will protect you? It won't, Sgt. Pepper. You'll be lonely and you won't even have your band.

If you're even thinking about whipping out your titty, you better let it be, or don't expect any help from anybody. Nobody will come together to save you, and you won't be able to buy their love, even if that is all you need.

Michele has a similar warning.


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