Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Somebody wants to join my cult!

You would think that after months and years go by, that people would forget about your posts, but the sad truth is they don't. There's always people who come to each individual post, usually from Google, but sometimes from another site or blog, and they don't realize you've long forgotten that post about teh Y2K bug that'll prevent the Red Sox from ever winning a world series.

But I have not forgotten. Well, I did, but I remember now.

Hey this is Tally

and i was wanting to join your cult and i signed up i think 4 it.....so if you could email me back that would be great!

I like the idea of having a cult. But we need a name. I'm thinking "Cult of Boz", but surely you all can come up with something better? If you can't, I understand that you suck.

Oliver suggested 'bozzocks'. Not bad...

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