Saturday, June 22, 2002

Guess what happened to me

Guess what happened to me last night...

I GOT A SPEEDING TICKET! Yep, I'm no longer a virgin in that department. It was no dinky one either. I was on my way to pick up my brother at his friends house and I was going 70 in a 55 zone. 70 dollar ticket. I think that equals 2 points, hopefully just one.

But this pisses me off. It's not like I was driving recklessly! I was the only car on the damn road! It was 1 AM! And I also was under the impression that it was a 65 mph zone. Honestly, I was.

Oh well, I'm not gonna be a prick and take this court; I know I was wrong, and ignorance is never an excuse. I'm just gonna bite the bullet (oooh bad pun) and pay the fine.

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