Despite the fact that I saw the whole who-did-what, who's-the-killer of the movie, I really enjoyed this. A while back I mentioned how I despise surprise endings. Well not despise, I just think they're used to much and that decreases their effect on the audience. I kinda liked that I had the killer pegged, and that the writer and director didn't try to pull a fast one or a rabbit out of their hat. The performances were pretty good, with exception of the mexican cop-- altho that scene in the beginning (you know which one) was great! But overall that actor was over the top. Clint's still the man, and Jeff Daniels is downright creepy.

Oh, and the writer of this is Brian Helgeland who wrote LA Confidential and directed Payback (best Mel Gibson movie ever!) and A Knights Tale. He's a damn good writer...and director. So is Clint.

Now click more for me talking about spoilers, but don't if you want to see the movie.

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The reason why the whodunnit is so obvious is because Jeff Daniels' character Jasper "Buddy" Noone really has no point to the plot early on. I was thinking "why do I care about this character?", and the only reason this character existed at all because he was the serial killer. Pretty obvious, but I still thouroughly enjoyed this film.

Oh, and that nightmare sequence is awesome. I love the negative image! I would love to make a movie shot entirely in negative!

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