Blue Crush

Man, was this a fun movie. I'm not really into surfing or surfing movies for that matter (I think the last one I saw was Point Break), but something about this movie made me want to see it. What was it? Oh yeah, the babes. But boy oh boy, is this film so much more.

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For starters, this film as some of the best photography I have ever seen in a film before. There's some magnificant shots, first-person perspective on the waves. Man, I can't really describe it....there's this one shot in the beginning with a sunset, and it's just gorgeous. I never expected this film to be an eye candy picture, but it is. And I am glad. I like being surprised.

The basic plot of the film is this: Anna Marie Chadwick (played by Kate Bosworth) got invited to one of the biggest surfing competitions ever, all aspects of it are huge, from the press to the waves. One problem though. She's pysched out. Three years prior she nearly drowned at the very same spot of the competition, so there's this hesistance about how she goes about geting "rides"; that's surfer talk for catching a wave.

She then meets and falls in love with a quarterback. This is the only part I didn't like. Not because I didn't want to see a love story or her giving him surfing lessons, no that's essential to the story. Without it all you have are shots of people riding waves. That's not a movie, it's a documentary. Okay, what I didn't like is when he told her a story about him getting sacked by Warren Sapp in his first NFL game. That would be fine if we knew this guy was a real quarterback in real life, but he's not. So referencing a real NFL player kinda breaks down the "4th wall" so to speak. I mean, when he said that, I suddenly was thinking (being the superfan I am), "Okay, who is this guy supposed to be? Cade McNown?" That's the only young quarterback in the NFC Central. Oh well.

Okay, I'll get to the babes. I already mentioned Kate, but there's another big celeb and two who are on the verge of that label: Michele Rodriguez, Sanoe Lake, and Mika Boorem. Wow, has Mika really matured. I last saw her as the young Martin daughter in "The Patriot", and she was barely 10 then. In a couple years, she'll be a bonafide babe. No doubt.

Do I recommend this to everybody? Hell yes. Don't think it won't appeal to you if you don't like surfing, because the photography is so good, any lover of film will appreciate this peice of work. When Anna is ridin' the big one, you just wanna shout out loud, "You go girl!" Women have come along way in the sport of surfing, and it's nice to see Hollywood taking notice.

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  1. I can't go see this movie because while I'm not a surfer, I've been slammed WAY too many times by Hawaii's waves.I just can't watch surfing, it gives me nightmares...bllllegggh.I've also known several people that got skinned (like having their skin grated off by coral).I've known a few that died also.and I just know that those bikinis have to be GLUED on.


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