Dammit, Quentin!

I was watching TechLive and they were talking about this company that masks "indecent" scenes in movies, and showed the dvd box of Pulp Fiction, but it looked different. Could it be? The long-awaited special edition, complete with deleted scenes, a commentary, and lots of extras? I then flipped around the tv a bit and started watching DateLine on NBC, then I saw a commerical for the special editions of Jackie Brown, Reservior Dogs, and Pulp Fiction. YES!

BUT! No commentary by Quentin on ANY OF THEM! Quentin you suck! You haven't made anything in 5 years, and by the time you do, it will be 6 and a half! Not like you have to make films every year, but c'mon, you could have done commentaries!

I still might get the Pulp Fiction special edition. I am curious about the deleted scenes...and I know I will buy Reservoir Dogs special edition, just so I can get those extra angles of the famous "ear" scene! Now I already own the bare bones version of 'Dogs so who wants to buy it from me. I think I will charge 10 bucks. That's pretty good. Kevin, you should buy it! You'll love this movie!


  1. Oh man! I missed Tech Live!
    BTW, who's Quentin?

  2. Ooooo, I like the Live Preview, dude!
    Sorry for being off-topic here.. :-)

  3. I was referring to the writer/director Quentin Tarantino. His debut film was True Romance, in which he just wrote it, then he made his directorial debut with Reservoir Dogs. He followed that up two years later with Pulp Fiction, which on the Palm D'Or award (best picture...or director?) at the Cannes film festival. Then in 1997 he made Jackie Browne, which wasn't that great, to me. He hasn't made a film since.

    His next film is Kill Bill, which is due out in Fall 2003. His next film after that is Glorious Bastards, which is due in Spring 2004.


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