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What would you think if the Internet could carry negative energy and just bad mojo? You'd be thinking that you're in a movie, because this isn't at all possible. Alas, this film is still pretty good.

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But fear.com has nothing to do with the movie "fear dot com". I thought it was related to the movie, but the site in the movie is feardotcom.com and that site just brings up the WB page for this movie. Well, there is a flash page, but its nothing like the flash page in the movie. This is really my only qualm. They could have bested "The Blair Witch" here, but they didn't even come close.

So what's this "flash page" I keep talking about? There's this really sick death site where people can watch this really sick death guy torture women and then kill them because they asked to be killed...because he was torturing them he broke them. Yeah, this film is not for the squimish.

The film begins with people dying, and at first the detectives think it's some kind of flesh-eating virus, but they soon find no traces of a virus. They are baffled...until they realize that everybody who died seemed to be scared of computers or specificially the Internet in their last days.

When people log-on to feardotcom.com, they are asked by a woman, "Do you like to watch?", "Do you want to hurt me?", then "Do you want to play? Yes or no." It doesn't matter which they choose, because once you go to that site, even if only for a second, you browser goes back to that site, or your computer turns on and opens that website. Forcing you to play and win or you will be dead in 48 hours. You will die of what you are most afraid of.

The photography and lighting is top notch. They're some really cool shots as well, great angles. The thing I probably like most about this film is that they don't really explain much and they make you think. Something I wasn't really expecting before I saw this.

Should you go see this film? Again, if you are squimish, then no, this is NOT for you, but if you like dark films like I do, then you should see this. This shalln't be missed then.

Read this review and others @ PopkornJunkie.com


  1. are there *really* any fear.com? or feardotcom.com?

  2. um, yes there is a fear.com but it has nothing to with the movie. theres also a fear.net.

    feardotcom.com is the movie site.

  3. I honestly thought this was one of the worst movies I've seen in a long time. The story line was filled with gaps, most of the movie appeared to be stollen from other movies, and it seemed to me to be a lame excuse for women to trampse around topless. I probably would have enjoyed it a lot more if I were a guy who got off on bondage and blood. If a director were ever to take every recent scary movie and mix them together he'd get this.


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