Thursday, August 22, 2002

My world looks like Atari?

g-girl said this on the zonkboard...hmm...I never noticed this. Can anybody elaborate on this...respond and say how it looks like Atari and maybe even what games it looks like.

Also, since we're on the subject, what is (was) your favorite Atari game? I wish I could remember the titles...I lied, I never had Atari, but my friend next door had it, and I played it over there. My first console was the 8-bit Ninendo. I was in third grade. That would make it 1988.


  1. LOL I loved that one! Never knew it started on Atari...I loved the one for 8bit nintendo. :)

  2. Dig Dug. Man, that game rocked.
    We had an atari for years, the next game console we got was Sega Genesis with Streets of Rage 2.
    And about your blog, I think it's the way the blue and yellow look together. It has a rather simple color scheme like those games did. (Not in a bad way, but in a Bozzy way!)

  3. We had this one where you had to fight a dragon and find a golden key to save a princess..I wish I could remember what it was called..I loved that Atari, with the basic pong,Pac-man,Asteroids...and Frogger on the Commedore 64..those were the days man

  4. "Bozzy way"? LOL

    Yeah, I'm glad my site has a simple look to it. That's what I intended.

    Dig Dug was cool...I think I only played it on an old computer tho...