Pluto Nash

Before I left for the theater, I hit up IMDb for the showtimes of this movie, and right across from the listing for Pluto Nash, was Austin Powers. I couldn't help but see the likeness in those names. I hoped the movie would be original and entertaining. Afterall, Eddie Murphy, the man, was the main star! You couldn't go wrong, could you? Well, something during the production went terribly wrong. This movie may have been original-- I mean has there ever been a movie about a night club on the moon?-- but it was by no means entertaining.

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Again, this movie takes place on the moon. About 80 years from now. 2080, where Hillary Clinton is on the 10,000 dollar bill, and space suits look even dorkier than they did in cheap sci-fi films that get laughed at on Mystery Science Theater 3000. That's right, I wanna know who the costume designer was...Wait, why don't I go check IMDb right now? Be right back. Okay, I'm back. 5 minutes to me, but only a second to you. Shepherd Frankel is the Art Director. I couldn't find a costume designer. Perhaps this was the problem?

The movie is about this guy, Pluto Nash (Eddie Murphy), who bails out a friend (Jay Mohr) from a pickle and takes over his bar. He turns this crappy, filthy, ghosttown of a bar, into a very popular night club and thus rids himself of all the debts he assumed when he helped out his friend. And what happens to people when they become sucessful? Other people want to buy them out, that's what! Meet Mogan [not a typo] (Joe Pantolino). He wants to buy Club Pluto for 10 million. Pluto says no deal. And you just know that this wouldn't be a movie if Mogan could take no for an answer!

This movie is not entirely unfunny, but for the most part, it's boring and stereotypical. Eddie Murphy has some great moments, one of them looking like a ripoff of the Nutty Professor, but still pretty funny. Randy Quaid and Jay Mohr also add some humor. Actually, Randy Quaid does the best comical job of them all. I mean, his role is critic proof! "What do you mean I looked lifeless and made out of cardboard?! I was playing a robot!"

Alas, those few funny moments aren't enough to save this picture. The movie's only attempt at a heroine completely hits a brick wall and fails. Rosana, show some backbone! When your friend just gets attacked from behind, don't throw up your hands and look pitiful. Get you skinny self to his defense! So sexist...

Avoid this movie at all costs. Eddie, I love ya, but no sequels please!

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