The best way to describe this film is that it's the opposite of The Truman Show, which is a film in which everybody is pulling a fast one on the main character; that his whole world isn't real. In Simone, or SIMulation ONE as it really means, the joke is played by one person on everybody else. Now this isn't a coincidence, both films were written by the same guy...Andrew Niccol, who also directed Simone (not The Truman Show) and Gattaca, the movie that brought Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke together. Simone is a great film, and everybody should see it, but I am puzzled why Jim Carrey didn't get to play Viktor Taranksy...he would have been perfect. Al Pacino sucks. He acts the SAME way in all his films. Don't believe me? Watch them again (I know, that sounds like a penalty) and try and tell me that he doesn't have the same scream in each one. I dare you. His "signature scream" is in all of them. He sucks. But Simone is sooo good that it overshadows this overactor, and is one Al Pacino film that I actually want to see again.

Also, I kept thinking that the little girl was the same girl in Panic Room. Kristen Stewart I believe...but it's not. Her name is Evan Rachel Wood...Evan? I never knew that was also a girls name, lol.

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  1. Nice review, Bozzy. Maybe I'll take a look at it some time.

  2. thanks, i try...sometimes too hard, but what the hey

  3. Yeah, Evan can be a girl's name if you include their girlier middle name as well. I guess. Although isn't some heavy metal rocker dude named Rachel? *shrug* names are funny things. But I believe Evan Rachel is the little girl from "Practical Magic" ..did anyone see that or was it just me? *lol*


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