Okay, in M Night Shymalan's third film, he does pretty good. He still doesn't capture the same feel of the supernatural like in THE SIXTH SENSE, but he comes close. Now, this movie isn't perfect. It's pretty good except for the beginning which is painfully slow and cliched, and laced with poor deliveries. So, it's the opposite of UNBREAKABLE-- that movie had a piss poor ending. Even Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix forgot how to deliver their lines correctly in the beginning. But alas, once the beings show up, the acting does as well. There's a great shot with Joaquin, Rory, and Abigal on the couch. It makes me laugh just thinking of it. There's other great shots as well, so I guess the horrible beginning is made up for. In conclusion, I was entertained (except in the beginning), and the acting is pretty decent (except in the beginning). Rory Culkin seems destined for stardom, even more so than his older brother was, and I liken this movie to "the story that wasn't told in INDEPENDANCE DAY". In that movie, we see the front lines, the aliens, their technology, but here, we see and get a story about characters and the common man. And because of that, this movie should appeal to everybody.

But there's one big problem that I haven't mentioned...there's a continuity problem! Something about fingers...

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