El Espinazo del Diablo

English title: "The Devil's Backbone"
Literal translation: "The Spine of the Devil"

Hey, I still remember something from 11th grade.

Yep, I Watched a great Spanish film today. Yes, that means subtitles, but they're yellow, and the movie is widescreen, so they don't cover up anything! Don'tcha just hate it when the subtitles are white and they sit on the picture? Then of course you can't read them when the shot is bright! D'oh!

Anyway, this film is awesome. It's a murder mystery with a twist at the end, well not too surprising, but still a twist. Not saying it's bad because it wasn't very surprising tho. Too many filmmakers these days think that the audience wants to be completely stunned at the end, M. Night Shamalanadingdong for example, but I don't want to spoil anything so I won't say anymore about plot. :-)

This film kinda reminds me of Hector Babenco's Pixote, but that's only because they both are set in an orfanage. If you don't recognize that movie, then you may recognize the director of Devil's Backbone, Guillermo del Toro, who also directed Blade II. Which I thought was better than the Blade I. Hmm...I wonder if he's related to Benicio del Toro? Probably not, but you never know.

The photography is gorgeous. We can thank Guillermo Navarro for that. What's with all the Guillermo's? The acting is top notch as well. Well, check this film out. Go to your nearest Blockbuster, that's where I found this. :-)

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