Friday, September 13, 2002

Helpful Hint

If you don't have pale white skin and/or pink hair, then don't try applying for a job at Hot Topic.

Okay, no I did not apply there. That place gives me the willies. Oh my god, he used the word 'willies'. It just seems like nobody is hiring, and to think didn't most teens quit their summer jobs to go back to prison...err high school? You wouldn't think so if you lived in Columbia. Sheesh. I don't want to work at a restuarant, sure, the tips can be nice, but restuarants don't even pay minimum wage...why is it called minimum wage then?

Yeah if you realized that the title of this entry isn't really about this entry, it's because of the Simpsons. You know, how every episode starts out completly different than the story at the end? Sometimes the real message of the show doesn't begin until 20 minutes after it started!

So what's the real message of this entry?

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