Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Orange Alert!

Lions, Tigers, and Bears, OH MY!

Man, it was impossible to excape "news" stories today about the horrific events a year ago. In my college lounge area, there was a tv with a video playing about what happened a year ago...they showed, close up, about 5 people jumping to their deaths! What the fuck happened to any desency? You don't point your camera at something like that, but at the people around you-- You show what happened through their expressions of shock and grief, not by actually showing the damn thing of some person falling to their death! Christ, to be more gruesome, they interviewed Rudy "I'm still the mayor of NYC" Guiliani saying that he heard a "pop" sound! That's sick! Do we really want to know that?!

But lemme change gears a bit. Why would someone just give up like that and jump out a window??? If that was me, and I surly hope I am never in that situation, but if it was me, I would never give up. Does that mean I am afraid to die? Well think what you want, but I'd prefer it means I love life. I would go down fighting, not some puddle on the sidewalk.

But James, those people were above the crash site, and the temperatures on the 3 flaming floors reached 2000 degrees fahernheit.

I don't care. I still wouldn't give up like that. I'm not a fucking pussy. Not saying those people were, who knows what conditions were like up there, but I would try to make my way down the building, even if that means burning to death. At least I went out trying, and not crying...I would probably be screaming...anyway, I still think it was possible for the people on the above floors to make it down. I don't care if you hate me for this, this is how I feel.

And to counter the arguement that one could say that the people jumped because they would rather die quickly than burn slowly in a fire...that's horse shit. What makes people think falling 120 stories is fast? The pain doesn't start when you hit the ground, but the whole way down. You body starts going into shock, and the speed at which you're falling has gotta hurt as the wind brushes against your body. Sure, maybe it is a little faster than burning to death, but not that much.

Well I applaud you for reading this far, and I still can't believe that the media has stooped this low by showing people falling to their deaths.

Oh that brings up another thing. The Bush Administration has not won the war on terrorism and never will. And a democratic president wouldn't either. All our politicians care about is the next election-- that's why we haven't gone to war against Iraq...not like we should tho (Just send the Navy Seals to take out Saddam), but Bush is just stalling til a month before the election so he'll be re-elected.

This has been a test of the international bozzy rant system, had this been a real emergency, you all would have been required to strip naked.

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