Should I be scared or flattered?

That I invaded Zoe's dreams recently...I mean, she did try to kiss me, and I "jumped away" and said "I dont like you like that"'s an outrage! Outrage I tell ya! I would never say such a thing. :)

Now on the topic of dreams...I had a freaky on myself lastnite-- and no zoe, you were not in it, sorry. Oh I wish you were, because guess who invaded my dreams? Elijah Wood. Yes, the former child actor. Where did that come from?! I haven't seen any of his movies in like forever!

Dreams suck sometimes...especially when all you remember is that Elijah Wood was in it...well I also remember that I was forced to act in a movie, and I never read the script, and nobody knew that I had no clue what to do...but all the details are all foggy now...


  1. You also said that my room smelled lol.An outrage huh? Does that mean you do like me like that? lol jk


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