Tuesday, September 3, 2002

Should I be scared or flattered?

That I invaded Zoe's dreams recently...I mean, she did try to kiss me, and I "jumped away" and said "I dont like you like that"...it's an outrage! Outrage I tell ya! I would never say such a thing. :)

Now on the topic of dreams...I had a freaky on myself lastnite-- and no zoe, you were not in it, sorry. Oh I wish you were, because guess who invaded my dreams? Elijah Wood. Yes, the former child actor. Where did that come from?! I haven't seen any of his movies in like forever!

Dreams suck sometimes...especially when all you remember is that Elijah Wood was in it...well I also remember that I was forced to act in a movie, and I never read the script, and nobody knew that I had no clue what to do...but all the details are all foggy now...

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  1. You also said that my room smelled lol.An outrage huh? Does that mean you do like me like that? lol jk


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