8 Mile

Ever since I saw the trailer for this back in March, I knew I wanted to see it. As the release date was approaching and the marketing was picking up like crazy, I knew I was seeing this in the opening weekend. I know what you're thinking: here's another movie that James raves about and gives it 4 out of 4 pops...well you're right again, kudos to you.

But don't take my word for it. I went to see this with my parents, who are both in their 50s (dad is about to turn 60, damn thats young! :), and neither one of them like rap and probably like eminem even less, yet both came out raving about it and him. My mom said, "[Eminem's] face is really telegenic!", and they both agreed that Kim Basinger (thats Bay-Singer) has the best supporting actress Oscar all but won, and they have never really raved about her either. I'd have to agree too, this movie and "Batman", are probably her best...okay she was good in LA Confidential too.

What's great about this movie, is that it really humanizes ghetto/inner city life, and it's rather shocking to people who have lived in the 'burbs their entire life (me), I have LOTS more respect for Marshall Mathers now, but I respected him a great deal before today. He's a lyrical genius. Heck, drop the lyrical, he's a genius. You shouldn't have to like rap to understand that.

Marshall and Kim co-star with the always good Britney Murphey and Mekhi Phifer, but Evan Jones, Eugene Byrd, and Omar Benson Miller have started the trek to make names for themselves. Evan Jones almost steals the show from Marshall Mathers, but that's pretty hard to do, especially when the movie is about Marshall's life.

That's another thing. People have knocked this movie saying that there's no music in it, and that Mathers can't act. Sure, it's easy to play yourself in a movie, but if that's not acting and requires no acting ability than I think everybody would be an actor. And to the turd on some DC radio show who said there's no music in this movie, when the trailer has lots of music, I say this: What movie did you watch? There's plenty of music! It's not a musical, no, but it is LADEN with GREAT RAP SONGS. Guess somebody just wanted to knock Eminem without even seeing the movie. Sir, your kind disgusts me.

Recommendation: Even if you don't like rap, and/or think Eminem is a no-talent ass clown, you got to give this movie some consideration. It features one of the best (if not THE best) Kim Basinger role EVER, great music, great rising action and tension that climax' brillantly in the end, and introduces Hollywood to Marshall Mathers; I cannot wait til he stars in a movie not about rap or himself. He will shine again.

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  1. I think the movie was cool, also it made me laugh and it was a good movie.I hope enimem makes more movies. He is great actor

  2. I think the movie was cool, also it made me laugh and it was a good movie.I hope enimem makes more movies. He is great actor


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