Crazy Mac Apps!

I have gotten this msg twice from the Mail program, "gathering children from disk for local account" when checking for new mail messages, well I only remember the first two words, because I was so stunned, but just now in an aim chat, :scott: said that he gets those things to...I am not going crazy! Okay, the jury is still out on that but...scott is gonna get a screengrab of it and I will update this post when he does.

Oh yeh, I messed around with the default midnight Jessica Alba skin last night, adding a background image (w000t!) behind this text, :jazy: did the blue and yellow tiled images you see in the sidebar, and paaool made the two logos; the top one and the bottom one.

My redskins looked ugly again on Sunday, :shrug:

I may be getting a job at United Artists soon, my friend works there and says they need people BAD and that I should just show up tomorrow or tuesday and ask for an interview (I submitted 2 applications already, I really I am tired of writing out references), so I dunno, but this would be cool, except I am kinda busy as it is already, so the thing that would get shoved aside would be blogging and chatting, :shrug:...oh well.

Well smell ya later!

UPDATE :scott: and I are not alone!


:scott: got a screengrab of it!


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