I love Kathleen Kennedy

But apparently most of Maryland does not. Dumbasses. So yeah, Bob Ehrlich is Maryland's first Republican governor in 36 years. I guess the fucks were due. I am made. At both this state, and this state. Fuck Maryland. This state used to be cool, but I hate it now. It's been a feeling growing for a while actually, but haveing Bob Ehrdick as Governor just adds insult to injury. Add to the fact that racist Michael Steele is now the Lt. Governor. Damn him to hell. Damn them both.

Michael Steele just said "traffic congestion will stop tonight". Lyer. Yeah, like that is fucking possible. I don't care if he is the first black person to be elected, he's an idiot. A repubican idiot. Hold on, a black republican? Whoa. That's weird. lol. ;)

I voted today, for Kathleen Kennedy Townsend. She didn't win. Doesn't mean I will never vote again. Voting is a right that not many people of Earth have, we Americans must use this right, or you can take your ass out. Get out now. I don't care where you go. Just go. You are not wanted.

I am mad, but I love all y'all.


  1. It is clear to me that most of the people on this site have little or no work experience or personal responsibility. In the last thirty-six years, Maryland has been taken over by most vile form of liberal trash that have ever walked the face of the Earth. Kathleen was just another warmed over, tax the working middle class and spend on it the lazy entitlement class, democrat. Kathleen dug her own hole when she chose to play the race card by courting the entitlement class (i.e., black people on public note who migrated to Maryland from other states) while simultaneously snubbing the people that pay for the entitlements (i.e., hard-working, white Maryland natives). Her losing in a state where the Democratic Party has a two-to-one advantage over the Republican Party proves that the woman is clueless.

  2. "most of the people on this site"???? It's just me here.

    Learn to write better.

    Besides, Erhlich isn't gonna be able to do jack shit; the maryland legislature won't let him.


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