Saturday, December 14, 2002

Analyze that

I went to see this by accident, I originally drove down to Arundel Mills to see "Equilibrium", but after trying for what seemed like an eternity (like 15-20 minutes) I found a parking spot, 15 minutes before showtime. So I get to the ticket line, and it's a mile long. So I got back in my car and headed back towards Columbia...and went to see Analyze That, which wasn't really that bad. Sure, the plot was totally meaningless and the humor was forced at times, but there are still plenty of hilarious scenes, so I can't give this movie a bad review. It could have used without Joe Torre, and what about Lisa Kudrow? Her role was a joke. Give her more lines! But again, it was a blast to sit back and watch Billy Crystal and Robert De Niro act, they have such great chemistry. So if you wanna see a comedy, bypass that Rob Schnieder flick and see humor that doesn't involve stupid physical comedy, see this movie.

Well I'm gonna go watch SNL and then fall asleep, I gotta wake up early tomorrow!

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