Blogging a passing fad?

Kevin and Sam seem to think so, along with some other people, but I have to agree with :scott:, people have kept journals for ages, and so what if you can't think of something funny to say or you just don't have time to let people know what's going on, the point of the blog is to be personal, ie, if somebody (marshall) only likes to blog occasionly (once a month, if that), let 'em! But his blog is still there waiting to be updated about his exciting life. I'd think you were pretty sad if you managed your life around recording in your online journal, things like this should never take over your life, but they should be there, for times when you need to vent, get something off your chest, or just tell about your day.

I prefer reading blogs that are about day to day occurances rather than just short stories... is a great example of what I like. :sam:'s been doing this as well, I wish Kevin would do this more, but again, blogs are personal, and represent what a person likes, so I don't care what he chooses to do with it...unless he decides to take it down, then he can burn in hell! ;)

Well it's 2:42 am and I am strangely not tired, I have been tired a lot lately and haven't stayed up past midnight...well not in my bed...but I am gonna go to bed anyway, my mom is making me let her borrow 50 bucks tomorrow and she knows I am I guess I should hope to have a nice dream about sex...or ponies...hmmm....the possibilities...

I'll probably revisit this entry tomorrow to offer any new insights into blogging...

til next time, live long, comment, and prosper!


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