Bumper Car christmas!

No, I didn't go to an amusement park! I left for my aunt & uncles house at like 11:55 or something, and the roads were horrible! Driving in snow is a pain in the ass. I was going only 5 MPH and I still couldn't make a right turn...my car just started floating, so I turned the steering wheel back to go straight, but I wound up just running into the opposite curb...geez, no damage to my car and the road was empty...except for a car about 20 feet behind me, who probably was either laughing his/her ass off, or scared shitless that they'd do the same thing. So :sam:, rain driving is NOTHING! Even at night! Neither of those compare to snow driving. Merry Christmas...where's the tylenol?

So that ordeal was fun, in a scary sorta way, then I eventually got my way to my uncles house, and me and my uncle went to go pick up my grandparents, who can hardly walk and had lots of packages for us and others...and neither of which is good when it's snowing to beat the band, and no plows in site.

So what else did I get for christmas? Not much, just some chocolate, 100 bucks, and a pen. Yeah, baby, my grandpa gave me and my brother a check for 100 bucks (yes, each, lol). Go gramps. Oh yeah, and my aunt and uncle got me a $25 gift card to Borders.

Speaking of them, there was a weird conversation on the way to my uncles house around noonish...

grandpa: *sneezes*
grandma: want some cough syrup?
grandpa: that's not gonna help me from sneezing!

Ah, old people are funny.

Again, where's the tylenol?


I woke up at 9:15 and it had just changed from rain to sleet, but then no more than 10 minutes later, it was like a fucking blizzard. It let up for a few minutes a little after 11am, but then around noon picked up real hard again til about 1:30...we got about 3 inches...before it stopped and started melting...but still a white christmas!

Happy happy joy joy, but still could use tylenol...


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