I just got back from seeing "Equilibrium", and I need to see it again. If you don't recall, just last saturday I tried to see this movie but the theater was mobbed so I had to go to my local theater and see some tried comedy (analyze that), boy oh boy, had I seen Equilibrium then, I still would have seen it now. It IS that good. There's some sick special effects. I mean, this movie is BEYOND John Woo. His heart has been eaten out (lol). The main stars in the film are Christian Bale, Taye Diggs, and William Fichtner, and they all gave wonderful performances. I don't want to get into the specs, because I knew nothing about this film (except who starred in it), and that is how I want you to experience it, but I will say this, come Oscar time, this movie better fucking win for best editing. If it doesn't, um well, then there is no God. (lol)


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