Is it okay to leave in mid-conversation?

Then why is it okay to just leave a chat, not actually **leave** a chat, and not even put up an away message, when you're online? I would never just stop talking to a person on the phone and then split in mid-conversation, just letting the phone hang in the breeze. That would never happen. Why is it okay for people to do that online? Is your life so fucking important that you can't type a "brb" or even "be right back", or any other derivative? I don't fucking understand this behavior? Just what is fucking important that you just abandon people when they are in the middle of talking to you? It's so fucking rude and anti-social. Now I sound like a fucking woman, and that makes me sound sexist, but I don't care, IT IS FUCKING RUDE! I should have you call me, then have you tell me your life fucking story, then I'll just put the fone down and walk away.

Don't be rude and anti-social.


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