Man from future and Man in Underpants

Holy Superman, Batman! I almost used the same excuse and I wear underwear!

'TIME-TRAVELER' BUSTED FOR INSIDER TRADING NEW YORK -- Federal investigators have arrested an enigmatic Wall Street wiz on insider-trading charges -- and incredibly, he claims to be a time-traveler from the year 2256!

do you all think this guy is crazy? what are your thoughts on time travel? Is it possible? how would we know if he is telling the truth or not?


Underpants vandal caught on video Police have released video of a man who marched down Cardiff's main streets in his underpants, smashing 43 shop windows with a spade.

do you all think this guy is crazy? what are your thoughts on wearing underwear? is it possible? how would we know if he was really wearing underpants or not?


  1. I wonder where you get your news from...

  2. why yahoo and bbc of course! =D

  3. well scientists have proven there is an elementthat makes up protons and neutrons called Quarks.
    Quarks are believe to hold the key to time travel. I read somewhere that they actually made some partcles travel 5 mins in to the past. But I read that a few years ago. Maybe I should travel back and re-read it. Anyways there are many different theories such as the Philidephia Experiment and such. But I believe we will find away to do it. I believe that if we could ever travel into a black hole with out being crushed to the size of a period on the this page, then we would emerge into a parallel universe through a white hole.

    I also have a theory on a doughnut shaped universe.


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