Renaming the french?

I Just heard on my fox5 news station that people are boycotting french products such as wine and cheese, and dumping them in the cheseapeak bay or potomac river. But that's not the killer. What's so fucking funny is that some resturants have renamed "french fries" to "patriot fries"! YOU FUCKING CUNT RAG MORONS! Those aren't even french! Jesus, apparently dumb does rub off! What the hell is with everybody?

Do the french not have a right to have an opinion, or is it just that there's some law that says everybody must agree with America?

What else I find amusing...talking heads on msnbc were yapping about how Iraq is getting ready to defend itself against an attack and they (msnbc talking heads) think that's apparently unfair. WTF? It's a war people. It's not roll-over-and-play-dead-for-the-good-ol-us-of-a. Iraq has a right to defend it's people just as much as we do. Why the hell do the righties in this country think otherwise? They're being fucking pansies. Ooh no, we'll actually have to fight if they defend themselves, that's not allowed!! This mother fucking country (usa) digusts me, specifically the way we are ridiculing the french as if they're terrorists. I've seen blogs and tv talk shows just make fun of the french. There's a word for this, you fucking pussies: RACISM. Okay, so french isn't a race, but the hate is the same. Uggh, it's pitiful.

But really, you HAVE TO BE STUPID to think french fries are a product from FRANCE. Puhleeze people ignorant fucks.


  1. Man you are an ass

  2. What about that 450,000 lb. copper plated French woman in the New York city harbor? It won't be too easy ignoring her now would it? DUH!!


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