Friday, March 28, 2003

who wants to own bozzy for a day?

I just got the best idear! Who wants to own me for a day? Okay, so that's all I put into this idea, but it has promise...and it's not just another get bozzy rich quick scheme! (scroll down if you want that.) No, I didn't think you would either. Who want's to own me? How will this work? I have no clue. Just play it by ear! Or the whole me! Okay, that was lame, now nobody wants to own me. I'm gonna go cry myself to sleep...ttyl!

[editor's note: please be aware that this was not going to be posted, but bozzy insisted. that little shitfuck.]

[editor to the editor's note: please be aware that bozzy has fired his editor.]

[janitor's note: bozzy had an editor?]

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