Ah, touche. Just the other day I loathed about "Identity" because of it's plot twists and how they cheated me, well, "Confidence" had them too, but I'm not gonna loath about them. Why is that, you ask? Because director James Foley did it the right way! He starts with the protaganist letting us in on things (something we never got in "Identity"), so we have a reason to trust him, and then by the end, we realize that things may not have been as they seemed to be. This movie is well acted, well shot, extremely well lit (don't confuse several dark scenes for being poorly lit), and told almost perfectly. Edward Burn's line in the opening shot, when asked if his life is flashing before him, is "No, just the past 3 weeks." Which the guy with the gun says, "That's a perfect time to start", and so it begins. I was overjoyed. I love the subtle roles of Dustin Hoffman and Andy Garcia, two big name actors in small, but memorable roles, which are enough to see this movie even IF it sucked. Which it doesn't. Expect a re-release in November for the ADD (I mean ADHD) Academy members.


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