Wednesday, April 9, 2003

Humiliated: Iraq

This is what I didn't want. I think it's great that iraqis are tearing down saddam statues, and that saddam and is cohorts are either dead or not in power. But was this worth all the innocent civilian and soldier casualities? Why couldn't we have reached this goal without bombing Baghdad to kingdom come? Why did we have to humiliate the iraqi people like this? Freedom cannot be given, it must come from within. Look at the USA. Did some country humiliate us into freedom? No, we fought for it ourselves! We rose up against England! Why is this a difficult concept?

Now that we have made our decision and have carried thru with it, I hope that we properly rebuild Iraq. What's worse than bombing a country to humiliation and just leaving them to deal with it? That's not what we did to Japan, this is not what we should do to Iraq. We promised Afghanistan billions of dollars to get them back on the feet. Where's that money now? Better question, where is Osama bin Laden now?


  1. Boy there is just no pleasing you huh? Only kidding... I agree with you that we have to step up to the plate and take care of this 'mess' we caused but so far it seems like we are going to go out of our way on the humanitarian front. You do have to admit that its an eye opener now to see all the Iraqi people speak out and visibly show their disproval to Saddam now that we have taken Baghdad and there is a good possibility he is no more.

  2. Yeah, it is a great site to see them defy Saddam like that. It's sick that he has his face on every damn thing! Imagine if Bush did that! LOL

    My fear now is that Bush leaves Iraq to go after Syria or Libya...or worse, North Korea. North Korea has a bigger military than we do, it would be impossible to defeat them without nuclear weapons, and if we used a nuke, they would probably do the same. That's not good.

  3. Actually, Bozzy. America couldn't have reached freedom without a little help from the French. So we didn't do all the fighting ourselves.

  4. No shit Dale, I am saying that we started our revolution. Did the French start it? No, they helped. Did the Iraqis start their freedom revolution? No, we did. See what I'm saying?

    (ps. the way we are treating the french now is assinine, why dont we give them the statue of libery back if we hate them so much?)