Leisure suit larry harry!

I was just surfin around and I found a flash game of the original leisure suit larry game! I haven't played with it much, as I came over here to tell you all, but this is awesome! I played this game all the time on my old compaq suitcase computer, those ones that look like suitcases, back before the 3.5 floppy discs, yeah the game was on the 5 inch floppy! Ah, those were the days...no wait, what am I saying, this flash game beats the quality of the original! Go there now!

Okay, what the fuck. I just noticed it says 'Leisure Suit Harry'. This is gay. What the hell. Sierra is being ripped off. It still looks like a fun game tho.


  1. Yeah I remember those games. I played the original on my Tandy 1000 with CGA monitor!

  2. my compaq had a 5 inch square screen, and was green and black! It wasn't to the black and white age! I think this was 1991 or something, when I got donated the families first computer, and my 'rents got another one...I was 11 then. That first computer taught me a lot about Basic A. lol.

  3. Wow, I remember having to use about 5 floppys just to install one game. I guess they're come a long way!


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